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How my October Goals Went…

November 16, 2011

This post is a little late, considering that we are in the middle of November, but I still wanted to post an update on October’s progress!

{I have this hanging on the wall above our computer}

October Goals

Finish House Remodel and Contact Real Estate Agent to put house on market. We are pretty much finished with the house- all we have do is finish moving out our tools and maybe do a little bit of landscaping. We are talking about waiting until February to put the house on the market.

Continue to eat healthy & exercise daily- increase raw foods.  I did so great with this! I completed Brad’s 7-day Raw Challenge and that really helped jump start me back to eating raw- I feel so much healthier and energized! I have also been running and walking daily and fitting in weights when I can.

Weekend trip to North Georgia! We had the best time on our trip to the mountains!

Send in College Application/Apply for Financial Aid. I am putting this on hold for now- priorities first.


Visit Downtown and check out local shops. Too busy to go this month but will be attending the Victorian Christmas Downtown. We are putting priorities first, so this keeps being put on the back burner.

Sell Items on Craigslist & Ebay- Sold our patio table set, Four large bookshelves, a large desk, Framed Painting and my Blendtec. Made a grand total of $700- and I have a lady that is interested in viewing more {which means going through more things and getting them ready to take pictures}

Lose 3 lbs. I try not to weigh because numbers usually don’t reflect weight loss & toning BUT I did fit back into 2 pairs of my smaller jeans so I know that I am doing something right! I am now probably 5 lbs away from my ideal weight.

I did finally {after several hours of pinning, create something from Pinterest!} I created all of these w/the exception of the 1st one on top. Some of the frames I already had and I  bought 2 from the thrift shop. I’ve also been reading lots of motivational books- Zig Ziglar has become my favorite! It’s all about being positive.

November Goals

Only buy basics like milk, cheese & vegs this month- use what I have in the pantry & freezer

Try to not spend any money- save money

Sell more unnecessary items + get rid of clutter {have lady come over to house}

Sell 1 big item this month- our camper or Bronco

Obtain Jobs

Continue Running & Eating a mostly high-raw diet.

Finish moving & getting house prepared to put on market in the Spring.

Get up at 6:00-6:30 every morning so we can get more things accomplished

Set aside daily time to pray {minimum- a.m. & p.m.}

Enjoy this Fall season- splurge for some Holiday drinks, go walking, see the lights, etc.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the exciting news but I am still waiting on confirmation! As soon as I find out, you guys will be among the first to know!

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