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2011 Accomplishments & New 2012 Goals!

December 23, 2011

I know that  2011 isn’t over yet, but I am beyond excited about what 2012 has in store for us!! What I do have to look forward to in 2011 is:

  • Meeting with Real Estate Agent in just a few days to put the house on the market officially!!
  • Working on our house remodel for the last time!!!
  • Roscoe getting his cone off!! {he got bitten by a spider and we had to take him to the vet & get meds, cone & ointment for his arm.}

I am so beyond excited, I can’t even put into words. All I can say is thank you GOD for helping us through every step of this journey!!

2011 Goals Accomplished:

Left 8-5 Desk Jobs behind {God has a new plan for us in 2012!}

Hubby and I Studied for & Took Certification Exams and passed!

We celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary!

Had Camping Trip with nephews & nieces!

Cooked a Turkey for the second time in my life!

Spent most of the Summer at my Brother’s Pool/Grilling! {Such a fun summer!}

House Remodel Completed/House on the Market

10K Charity Walk for March of Dimes

Finally moved, after 14 years in the same town! Now closer to our Co-op, Earth Fare, Costco and lots of great Entertainment and Shopping!

Simplified Life {got rid of STUFF- 2 Blenders, Dehydrator, Juicer, Toolbox, Furniture, etc.}

Saved $$, Spent less

Hubby, myself and Roscoe spent so much time together this year- enjoying life more, the small things♥

Became closer to some family members than before♥

Started back running- lost 10 lbs. in 2011!

Learned so much about myself & grown so much as a person- material things don’t make us who we are, it’s who we are deep down inside.

Got rid of unnecessary stress & negativity in life.

Opened an  Antique Booth with my sister which was a big FAIL, but a great lesson in going after what you want in life instead of just sitting back and talking about it.

Went to some new places—> Little Grand Canyon, FDR’s Little White House, Mountain Cabin Trip with family, West-ville and Tallahassee Food Festival.

2012 Goal List!

Use remaining coupons/Groupons —> Whole Foods, Spa Certificates, Movie Tickets, Restaurant Gift Cards.

Sell remaining stuff that we don’t need!

Obtain Mobile Careers

Keep life simple- Less is more {and also less maintenance which means less work!}

Acquire necessary items on Wish List

Travel More!

Lose remaining weight

Grow Nails

Take more naps

More trips to the Spa

Continue to enjoy life & the small things

Leave negativity & hurts in 2011!! {Hubby & I have written down all of the negatives that we don’t want to bring into 2012 &  will burn them in the bonfire to never mention them again}

Obtain more Blog Readers/Followers- make Blog more FUN!

High Raw Diet

Running Daily/Weights

Find New Church & New Positive/Christian Friends

But before we get to 2012- I still have a few things left in 2011 that I need to do…Like bag the leaves on our lawn, paint some trim moulding, clean the house and do some packing. Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday- Christmas is in only TWO days!!!!


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